Happy New Year!

February 14th, 2013

year of snake card

The Year of the Snake

The Year of the Snake starting on February 10, 2013, will be a year of looking at oneself without ego, and in a way to see who we really are and how we can affect a change from arrogance to humbleness. A year to get away from that which divides us and brings us down to seeking a way to bring us together to lift us up. Being humble does not equate to being weak. On the contrary, humility has great strength and clarity of vision which gives the confidence to not being pushed around, bullied or stepped on. The Snake energy is a fearless energy. If you find yourself pushed into a corner, do not be afraid to come out swinging.

The Snake is the embodiment of health. Take advantage of this year to get yourself in shape and be kind to your spine. Like the Snake, we have only one back. Push yourself to be more flexible in mind and body. Let go of all that would decrease your life force and shed it like the snake sheds its skin from time to time. By not releasing the old skin, good and renewed energy will not be invited in and allow for change to happen. Be happy as you enjoy life, spend time basking in the sun or swimming in the ocean as snakes enjoy and do so well. Be rejuvenated by our beautiful environment.. After all, wasn’t it in paradise that the snake was so much at home in .. even in the Bible.

Gung Hee Fat Choy – Ben Seng Au