Steamboat Island Chiropractic is located just off of Highway 101 at 6541 Sexton Drive NW, easily accessed from Olympia, Cooper Point, Steamboat, Shelton, Summit Lake and Tumwater. With an emphasis on caring for families, the practices are ran by Dr.’s Streiter and Amy VanQuaethem, DC.

We believe that true health comes from a body that is able to function at 100% with no interference to the nervous system. Interference, known as subluxations, may be caused by three types of stress. The first is physical, as with a fall, accident, injury, or repetitive stress. The second type of stress is emotional. Think about the last time you were really stressed and you may remember also feeling sick or sore. Chemical stress is the third type of stress that leads to subluxation and includes things like caffeine, nicotine, medications, drugs, etc. By removing subluxations with specific spinal adjustments, chiropractors are able to help your body and immune system continue to work the way it should (and it helps make pain go away).

We are here to provide excellent care for you and your family.