What do Chiropractors do?
Chiropractors are trained to ensure your nervous system is free of spinal nerve interference. They believe in whole body wellness. Wellness is a state of health where your body is free of spinal nerve interference, allowing you to enjoy life. Chiropractors discover nerve interference within the spinal column using examinations and then with specific chiropractic adjustments, correct them. Your body is then free to heal itself and function at an optimal level. Chiropractors, also, help you achieve a higher quality of life with advice on posture, stretches and exercises, diet, attitude and sleep.

What are Subluxations?
The body depends on the free flow of nerve communication from the brain, through the spinal column, to every part of the body. When any of these nerves become interfered with, the vital communication system is interrupted. These neurological interruptions are called subluxations.

What causes Subluxations?
With children, subluxations often occur during the birth process. All of the pulling, pushing and twisting on the newborn’s neck and spine during the birth process often cause one or more vertebra to be pushed out of place, resulting in subluxations. As we grow up, subluxations are caused daily by falls, sports activities, accidents/injuries, bad posture, physical and emotional stress and many other things. By having a chiropractor correct these subluxations throughout your childhood and the rest of your life, your family can achieve an improved quality of life.

What are some warning signs of Subluxations?
Subluxations can cause pain and muscle spasms. However, most of the time, you will not experience any symptoms. Often symptoms such as headaches, back pain, stiffness, pain or numbness and tingling in the extremities and various other symptoms may be signs of subluxation.

What does it feel like to get adjusted? Does it hurt?
No. Chiropractic adjustments feel great! Chiropractic patients are very comfortable and relaxed with getting adjusted. An adjustment should not be painful, although you may feel a slight stretch in the muscles. Overall, when you allow the vertebra in spine to return to their normal position, there is less stress and tension on your muscles and ligaments.  Adjustments are performed by hand and our doctors utilize the Gonstead, Diversified and Drop Table techniques common with most traditional chiropractors.

Is Chiropractic care safe?
Yes. Chiropractic care is definitely one of the safest types of health care. Without the use of drugs or surgery, chiropractors utilize a conservative approach when correcting vertebral subluxations. One just needs to compare the malpractice premiums paid by chiropractors to that paid by medical doctors. Chiropractors premiums are approximately 1/20 the price of the premiums medical doctors pay.

Can Chiropractic help me?
Chiropractic care is beneficial to every man, woman and child that has a spine. Understanding the brain and spinal cord make up your nervous system, one can understand that chiropractic care works by restoring balance to the body giving it a better chance to heal itself. Everyone needs proper nerve function. Chiropractic care provides your body with a greater potential to defend itself against germs and infection. You and your family should be checked regularly for spinal nerve interference.

There are some common complaints you may be experiencing that chiropractic care may help with. These symptoms include, but are not limited to: back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, numbness and tingling in the extremities, pregnancy discomfort, sciatica or leg pain, bulging or herniated discs, difficulty sleeping, vertigo, colic, chronic ear infections, athletic injuries, auto accident injuries, work injuries, and more!

Does your office accept and process insurance?
Yes! Our chiropractors are participating providers with most insurance companies, including but not limited to, Regence, Aetna, WholeHealth, American Specialty Network, Medicare, Auto Accident Insurance, and Work Comp Insurance. We would be happy to confirm your benefits for you and can do so with a little information from you.

Is there availability for emergency care after hours?
Yes. Dr. VanQuaethem, D.C. or an associate is available for Chiropractic emergencies the majority of the time. To access care simply call our cell number at (360) 545-7277 for after hours Chiropractic emergencies.