“People get older and they experience more frequent aches and pains, right? That’s what I believed. I get around; I’m pretty active, really. I go to yoga and Pilates. Big deal that I can’t sit cross-legged or establish a standing balance pose. I can touch the ground in a flat-footed forward bend. So my shoulders, hips, neck, and knees have constant nagging pains. Aspirin several times a day usually relieves the pain for awhile. If the aspirin quits working, then I’ll think about seeing an orthopedic physician. My daughter asked me to go with her to watch my grandson while she got an adjustment with Dr. Amy and a massage with Patrick. I said, ”because spending time with my grandson is great fun”. When we arrived, out of curiosity I inquired about my insurance coverage on chiropractic treatment. Really, I was thinking more about the possibility of a massage. Sakorn was able to look it up so quickly and what do you know? My insurance coverage was good. Remarkably, Dr. Amy’s assistant had time right then to take x-rays and do an assessment AND my daughter encouraged me, so I took advantage of the moment. Dr. Amy took me into the treatment room, showed me the x-rays, talked to me briefly about what she saw upon a quick examination, and then said she’d adjust my back. “We want to get you started right away so you can feel better.” How do I describe the sheer amazement I experienced when I stood up and truly did feel a difference? My hips didn’t hurt. My neck didn’t hurt. My shoulders didn’t hurt. So many conflicting thoughts were going through my mind. Was this some sort of magic? Never had I felt so dramatically better after visiting a doctor! Over the next month I discovered true and more lasting improvement in my body’s ability to move pain free. Nearly three months have gone by since my first appointment and I honestly am still amazed at the pain I no longer feel. It’s really quite crazy. I still discover new abilities that I couldn’t have done before June or relief from some ache that I just assumed was part of the aging process. I sometimes wonder what changes I would have made in my life if I’d taken a risk and overcome my skepticism years ago. Well, that’s not really relevant, but I’m certainly glad I agreed to go with my daughter when she had her appointment in June.” – Jan K.

Hi Dr. Amy,
Attached are the x-rays taken of Sammy, the one of the left is one taken on 1/4/12 and the one on the right was taken about a year prior. Dr Ono said that his curvature has lessened since the last x-ray in 2011, Hooraay!!!And we attribute this to you, Thank you sooo much!! ~Sam




Dr. Amy is amazing! Â Not only did she get me out of pain so I could enjoy my vacation, but she really strives to make a connection with all of her patients. I had recently been adjusted by my chiropractor back home, but then after 12 hours of flying across the country, I was not enjoying myself in beautiful Maui due to back pain. I called her office, and she welcomed me to drop in anytime during business hours. I dropped in and she was able to see me right away. She explained my options and how the billing process would work with my insurance. Â She was very informative and confident in her work, and she was a pleasure to deal with. I even managed to hurt myself again while playing in the surf, and she made a special appointment for me on Saturday morning to ensure that I didn’t fly back home in pain. Needless to say, my trip home was a breeze, and I feel fantastic. Dr. Amy’s business practice, bedside manner, and professional skill are top notch! Â Her rates are very reasonable and her service is outstanding, which makes VanQuaethem Chiropractic the best value! ~Michael

“I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their helpful advice in regards to sacral ileac during pregnancy! I wanted to share my outcome, as there were some people who had some Dr.’s who said that nothing (besides physical therapy) could be done for it. This in NOT true! I was referred to an outstanding chiropractor, Dr. Amy VanQuaethem. She is also a Mom who has suffered from this in her pregnancy. After 3 visits to her, my pain was almost completely GONE. I have to say that I was pretty shocked, my pain had gotten to be unbearable and after hearing some people’s stories, I thought that I would just have to suffer until I delivered (or for longer). My Dr. had also told me that physical therapy was pretty much it in terms of dealing with this, I’m so glad I went to Madrona Mom’s for help instead! Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Amy. I believe that most insurance covers chiropractic work, and I didn’t even need a referral to see her. I really hope that the Mom’s who replied to me who were also in pain will go see her! I’m so glad to be out of pain, and to be able to enjoy my two year old again, and the rest of this pregnancy.” – Rochelle V.



My husband & I have been under the care of Vanquaethem Chiropractic since back in 2000 and couldn’t be happier that they finally decided to return to Maui earlier this year.

We couldn’t be happier with our chiropractic care and now that we have little ones (2yr & 4yr), our whole family enjoys the benefits of healthy spines thanks to Dr. Amy’s loving and knowledgeable care.

Aside from effectively treating my headaches and my husbands frequent back pain, our whole families immune systems have greatly improved under Dr. Amy’s regular care. The kids very rarely catch what’s going around at preschool and in turn our whole family gets to enjoy a healthier life. Also, my 4yr old daughter had suffered from multiple middle ear infections beginning at 19mons, and ever since she has been under Dr. Amy’s care she has been virtually free of her middle ear problems.

We obviously LOVE everything Vanquaethem Chiropractic does for us and can’t say enough to express just how great they are!!! – Becky

Amy saved my vacation. My neck was totally messed up due to my flight to Maui. Amy did a thorough exam and adjusted me. I had no issues for the remainder of my vacation. I have been treated for 15 years by my chiropractor and he was so pleased that I sought out chiropractic care while away from home. Â I wish I could rate Amy with a 10.

~Pam J., Aliso Viejo, CA




I have been a patient of Dr. Amy’s for years, even though now we are located far apart. She has adjusted both of my children as infants, and my husband, who is 6’3″ and 220 lbs swears she gives him the best adjustments of any chiropractor he has seen. Who would think a petite woman could do that? She has a gentle method that is very effective and painless. And she listens to what your issue- if you have one- is, and pays attention to how the spine could be the root cause in a way we had never considered (like allergies, digestion, etc.) If you are skeptical of chiropractic in general- go see Dr. Amy. She is so intelligent, friendly and professional you will leave a believer and in better health! – Heather

Dr. Amy VanQuaethem is amazing! I started going to her after an automobile accident nearly 8 years ago and since then have recommended nearly every person I meet to see her. Many of my friends and family, including my daughter since she was one week old, have found relief and better overall health by seeing Dr. Amy.

Originally I was a skeptic of chiropractic but after the accident was willing to try most anything. She was so warm and not pushy about me making an appointment which is what convinced me to see her. I still felt quite uncertain until I started noticing that not only was I feeling better with my MVA injuries but I also wasn’t getting sick as often and headaches I had suffered from for years were going away. I started to realize that her adjustments might be doing more for me than I had set out for. It didn’t take too long and I was hooked! Never in my life have I felt healthier than when receiving chiropractic care! – Mary


I was visiting Maui recently and stumbled upon Dr. VanQuaethem’s clinic. I didn’t think I could just walk in and be seen since I live in Seattle and am not a regular patient. To my surprise they told me to wait a few minutes to see what they could do. Within 10 minutes I was taken back and Dr. Amy was available for me.  She was professional and thorough asking about my regular chiropractic care and health history.  I wish she was in my hometown because she was way better than my regular provider!  I highly recommend a visit whether you are a visitor or a local! – Ryan



Dear Amy, I just wanted to thank you for helping me enjoy my vacation in Maui.  Without your help, I would have been miserable.  The last thing you expect when your in paradise is to be in pain. Thank God for wonderful and understanding people like you.  Thanks also for your honesty and refund check from our insurance.  We really appreciate it.

~ Vivian, David and soon-to-be baby girl



For the last eight years I have had problems with my hips and legs. I was in constant pain and limped regularly. To do normal everyday things came to be a challenge. I really thought that surgery might be the only answer. When I started seeing Dr. Amy five months ago, she figured out that it was an old back injury that was causing all the problems and not my legs or hips, like I thought. After only a few adjustments and suggestions to do things differently, I saw a huge improvement. I am now walking with NO PAIN and I am no longer limping! Dr. Amy is a great asset to Lanai and I am so greatful that she makes the journey twice a week from Maui.

Mahalo nui Loa, Sarah C.




Dr. Amy VanQuaethem left Seattle a year ago and our family has missed her care and her skill as a chiropractor very much.  Some people fall into the tourist activities in Lahaina, for the Hale family visiting VanQuaethem Chiropractic is an absolute must! Dr. Amy’s genuine care and warm, friendly personality make her a great solution for locals or tourists alike. ~Brad H.





Hi Amy.  I recently visited your offices and had an adjustment to my hip/back.  I was visiting with my husband (on our honeymoon).  I’ve been pain free since my second visit to you.  Honestly, I cannot thank you enough. I have not been without pain for more than three years! Again, thank you. Your work has changed my life.  It’s unbelievable how much pain you learn to live with…and when it’s gone…how happy you become! ~Cynthia, Santa Clara


I received the check for the payment I gave you before my insurance company paid you. Thank you.
I was in a lot of pain when I came to you.  You really helped me.  I made the long flight back to Washington, D.C. with little or no pain thanks to you both.  I would not hesitate to return to you next time I am in Maui.

Scott, Washington, DC



Thank you so much for the adjustment and taking the knot out of my neck.  After 20 minutes of ice my neck feels great.  I’m so glad your office was within walking distance of the Maui Eldorado.

Mark, Palmdale, CA





I cannot say enough good things about this office! Dr. Amy is a dream. She is confident and skilled as a chiropractor, and her bubbly personality always brightens my days. There have been times I’ve gone into Dr. Amy and could hardly walk. I have a very physical job, and I’m constantly lifting, twisting, and testing my spine. After being treated by Amy, I feel like a person again. My back pain is virtually non-existent, and I feel like I can live normally for the first time in a long time! I will refer anyone to Dr. Amy. She fixed me! Monica at the front desk is always such a sweetheart as well. And the treatments are very affordable, with or without insurance. If you are in need of a chiropractor on Maui, look no further. Do yourself a favor and go to VanQuaethem! You’ll be in good hands.  ~ Liz W.